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How many times have we made reference to the word "democracy", the concept "democracy"? But answer? How many of our young people know that as a concept and then as a word and as a political - institutional practice, REPUBLIC born, established itself and was recognized in Ancient Athens? Perhaps many. Perhaps few. Perhaps few. Maybe ... So what we try with all our forces to succeed. Bear in mind, to contribute to the highest good, called the Republic.

Republic, a simple word that expresses a constitution, a global ideology, a generalized human expectation and mainly a lifestyle in which the majority expressed. Democracy as a political system is charged worldwide as the creation of the ancient civilization which initially spread to the then Greek world and then over the years almost all over the world. Not only is the election of governments of various countries and other governments, but it is standard procedure that applies even in everyday level, in situations that require immediate decisions from a wide range of views and positions.