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Sunday, 26 March 2017 20:39

The Importance of the Plan for the Youth at Local and National Level - Article Marios Vlachogiannis.

Written by Youth Team Cultural Association Selianitika Ilios
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Republic, a simple word that expresses a constitution, a global ideology, a generalized human expectation and mainly a lifestyle in which the majority expressed. Democracy as a political system is charged worldwide as the creation of the ancient civilization which initially spread to the then Greek world and then over the years almost all over the world. Not only is the election of governments of various countries and other governments, but it is standard procedure that applies even in everyday level, in situations that require immediate decisions from a wide range of views and positions.

It can of course be applied as a process, from the simplest such condition until the more complex everyday, the main element always active participation of people. Nowadays the qualification to young people has been attributed as "apolitical" but does not reflect the reality either naturally justifies the root causes. With supplies provided by their environment, young people feel strong, full disposal to offer in many sectors of society and this course can work in favor of society.

Unfortunately, today, the situation and the lack of an institutional project and local level contribute to the promotion of young people in democratic life active young people do not engage with democratic citizenship. More simply, the lack of obvious solidarity among young people, not formally, but actively and in essence is an obstacle to the progress of the local community itself. To be understood better to develop in a mathematical operation. Young people are full of ideas, knowledge, dreams, appetite for real promotion. But that, unfortunately, due to the general situation prevailing young people at risk of social and economic isolationism combined with the lack of appropriate institutional plan local youth weakened "psychologically" with obvious effect and any their actions, their occupations, interests.

In summary, I would like to keep all of the above as follows: humanity is evolving and must adapt to changes and more today is the necessity of cooperation, the world can evolve, young to really rely to xanaektimisoun the importance of society in which we operate and build their life as active citizens of Europe, with their participation in democratic citizenship.

The "Local Institution Democratic Youth Participation ', under the European Program Erasmus + / Key Action 3 of Youth, which I have the honor to be joining as a new member of the Cultural Association Selinitika Sun sets as main objective the promotion of active youth participation in democratic life and the structured, structured dialogue between young people and policy makers about the issues of youth. I believe that at the end of the project will produce competent results which would seem beneficial not only locally but also on a national scale for thousands ++ our peers.

  • Marios Vlachogiannis, a native and resident in local community Selinitika of Aigialeia, graduated from Second Education 2nd General Lyceum of Aigio and currently studying Computer Engineering.
    Youth Team Cultural Association Selianitika Ilios
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