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The Youth Theme

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 22:04

The Youth Theme

Written by Youth Theme Cultural Association Selianitika Ilios
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The «Local Institution Democratic Youth Participation» is an initiative of 30 young people of the Cultural Association Selinitika Sun, with an equal proportion of participants among men and women. In the group aged 14 to 30 years, participating students, schoolgirls and graduates Secondary Education, students from Technological Educational Institutions, and Universities, as well as people with postgraduate studies.

The activity of the youth group of the cultural association it expresses a great desire of young people for their active participation in democratic life and in their place making administrative centers, the expansion of democratic processes in the form of direct democracy and democratic dialogue and the expectation for more Europe, namely the functioning of the democratic institutions of the country to European standards.

The biggest problem we face today most young people, after unemployment in the Achaia region but also in general in our country, is the emerging social exclusion marginalises the youth and away from decision-making centers, knocking her into an indifference and yet scorn of democratic institutions.

For the first time in the current business efforts through the structured dialogue, responsible decision-making for policies of local institutions in Western Greece and in Aigialeia to hear and discuss the enormous problems faced by all new region and hinder their development. We anticipate problems such as high unemployment rates lack of essential infrastructure utilization of youthful creativity social isolation of young people etc. to discuss with those responsible for these local government agencies A and B grade in order to produce novices political practices and programmed beneficial effects in the field of youth while paralllila become apparent the enormous important to provide a way more direct representation of young people in the planning boards and making their decisions.

In general, our aim is the implementation of the plan into account the upcoming playable both locally and initially on a national scale, as a best practice policy institutions for young people and promoting their participation in democratic citizenship.

Finally with our participation we aim to find solutions and adopting best practices for young people by institutions contributing to the implementation thereof to make new and more active citizens with significant benefits to the functioning of the democratic life of the country.

We hope that our example will provoke awareness and other charitable organizations local institutions and youth groups across Greece to develop similar actions contributing to the catalytic support policy reforms in favor of youth.


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