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Sunday, 26 March 2017 20:49

"And Done ..." Action "of the Republic" - Article by Angelo - Andrea Varnakiotis.

Written by Youth Team Cultural Association Selianitika Ilios
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How many times have we made reference to the word "democracy", the concept "democracy"? But answer? How many of our young people know that as a concept and then as a word and as a political - institutional practice, REPUBLIC born, established itself and was recognized in Ancient Athens? Perhaps many. Perhaps few. Perhaps few. Maybe ... So what we try with all our forces to succeed. Bear in mind, to contribute to the highest good, called the Republic.

So all young people should be aware that it had been prepared with the legislative work - statute of Solon (640-560 BC), who was also one of the seven sages of ancient Greece and progressive - elaborate the - enorchistriki state's governor Peisistratus. Formed by the political - dream program of Stratigou Themistokli (527-461 BC). Took root - founded from the orator Cleisthenes (570-500 BC). Vindicated and grew up with "enormous" victories over the Persians (492-479 BC). He took off and culminated with the inspired political and cultural systemic action of Pericles (495-429 BC), the creator of glorious Athens.

In the autumn of 431 BC set to deliver the eulogy, Pericles for the first Athenian dead of the Peloponnesian War, the first year. The Istorikos Thoukydidis (460-398 BC) composes and performs a remarkable Epitaph reason documented praise and inspired hymn to Athenian democracy, which is the only one with this content a praise and Democracy, despite all as they do reference to the dead.

Visionary and initiator of this idea, the Glyptis Feidias. In 432 BC completed the great temple of Athena on the Acropolis, the Parthenon. Its decoration includes a frieze, a number of reliefs, which with one another represent the Panathenaea. So then Phidias envisioned for the monument of democratic Athens something unique. To praise, the same Athens the most brilliant event where the Athenian people, civilians, men, old people, going up this summer, accompanying the sacred trireme that had stretched cloth for the veil to be offered to the goddess. All this therefore succeeded and now we as Greek citizens who continue the history of the Republic, we should preserve it as our pupil. Should every young and new that respects himself every day, struggling through the established institutions. To freely express his opinion. But wisely! With Measure!

So from inside the "PLAN" wait and not lose the meaning of the Republic, but to maintain and continue to put into action. Together we are young we have cried out the positives of "anthem" Suffice morals and our principles continue to exist.

  • The Angel - Andreas Varnakiotis resides in kamares of Aigialeia, writer, graduate studies in philosophy and canon law, responsible in Educational Organization "Palladium - A. Varnakiotis".
    Youth Team Cultural Association Selianitika Ilios
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